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Editorial Council Chairman

А.L. Rakhmanov, President of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation
V.L. Alexandrov, President of the International and Russian Scientifi c and Technical Association of Shipbuilders named after Acad. A.N. Krylov
V.S. Nikitin, President of the International and Russian Scientific and Technical Association of Shipbuilders named after Acad. A.N. Krylov
G.A Turichin, R
ector SPbSMTU
Council Members:
M.A. Alexandrov,   Director JSC CRIME
A.S. Buzakov, General Director JSC Admiralty Shipyards
A.A. Diachkov, General Director JSC Severnoye Design Bureau
V.Yu. Dorofeev, General Director JSC SPMBM Malachitе
S.G. Filimonov, General Director JSC Concern Morfl ot
I.A.  Karpenok, General Director JSC Marine Engineering Bureau SPb
E.T. Gambashidze,
General Director JSC Control Systems and Instruments
E.A. Konov,
Director JSC Publishing House Mor Vest
A.A. Kopanev,
General Director JSC SPF Meridian
G.A. Korzhavin,
Scientific Director JSC Concern Granit-Elektron
A.V. Kuznetsov,
General Director JSC Armalit
L.G. Kuznetsov,
General Designer JSC Compressor
General Director JSC 51 CDTISR
А.G. Rodionov,
General Director JSC Sitronics KT
S.V. Savkov,
General Director JSC NE
I.V. Scherbakov,
General Director JSC PDB Petrobalt
General Director JSC SNSZ
V.V. Shatalov,
General Director JSC DO Vympel
K. Yu. Shilov,
General Director JSC Concern SPA Avrora
A.V. Shlyakhtenko,
General Director JSC Almaz CMDB
K.A. Smirnov,
General Directors JSC MNS
A.S. Solov’yev,
General Director PJSC Vyborg Shipyard
I.S.  Sukhovinsky,
V.S. Tatarsky,
General Director JSC ERA
G.R.Tsaturov, General Director OJSC Pella
A.L. Ulyanov, General Director LLC Neva International
N.M. Vikhrov,
General Director JSC Kanonersky Shiprepairing Yard
M.V. Zakharov,
General Director JSC Pumori-north-west

Editorial Collegium
G.N.   Antonov, D. Sc.
V.I.    Chernenko,
D. Sc., Prof.
A.I.    Gaikovich,
D. Sc., Prof.
E.A.    Gorin,
D. Sc.
V.N.   Ilyukhin,
D. Sc., Prof.
B.P.    Ionov,
D. Sc., Prof.
D.V.   Kazunin,
D. Sc.
R.N.   Karaev,
Ph. D.
Yu.N. Kormilitsin,
D. Sc., Prof.
A.I.    Korotkin,
D. Sc., Prof.
P.A.   Krotov,
D. Sc., Prof.
P.I.    Maleev,
D. Sc.
Yu.I.  Nechaev,
D. Sc., Prof.
Yu.F. Podoplyokin,
D. Sc., Prof., member of the Academy of Rocket and Artillery of Sciences of Russia
V.N.  Polovinkin,
D. Sc., Prof.
A.V.  Pustoshny,
D. Sc., Prof., corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia
A.A.  Rodionov,
D. Sc., Prof.
K.V.  Rozhdestvensky,
D. Sc., Prof.
N.P.  Shamanov,
D. Sc., Prof.

Editor-in-Chief: E.A. Konov, Ph. D.
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: D.S. Glukhov
Editor: T.I. Ilyichiova

Editorial offi ce: offi ce 13H, 84, Nab. r. Moyki, 190068, St. Petersburg
The magazine is registered by RF Ministry of Press, TV and Radio Broadcasting and Means of Mass Communications, Registration Sertifi cate ПИ № 77-12047 of 11 march 2002.